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Inter-beauty , Inter-health , Inter-love

We believe that our beauty, health, and self love is intrinsically connected to the beauty, health, and love of others.


We develop ethical and sustainable products in hair care, cosmetics, sustainable supplements, and wellness gadgets that interconnect all aspects of health, beauty, and self love.


We develop a product range that approaches health and beauty as a complete ecosystem — taking into account mental, environmental, physical, and social wellbeing.


The goal is to provide products that can improve a busy single mom's life - as well as other ladies who need a quick answer to beauty, health and wellness solutions.

Melanin-ology Empire: A Beauty, Health, and Lifestyle Brand


Melanin-ology Empire is a beauty and health brand that provides beauty and lifestyle experiences designed to assist users in reinventing their connection with their bodies, hair, and self-confidence. Melanin-ology Empire creates ethical and sustainable products that link all those essential elements together. Hair care tools, hair extensions, cosmetics, vitamin supplements, and lifestyle gadgets are some products that help this brand stand out.


This brand promotes healthy living and creates a product line that views wellness and beauty as a whole ecosystem, including mental, environmental, physical, and social well-being. The primary aim of Melanin-ology Empire is to deliver products that will benefit an hustling entrepreneur or busy single mom's life, as well as other ladies who need quick solutions to beauty, health, and wellness problems. By bringing balance to busy moms and entrepreneurs with easy to use and easy to incorporate into any schedule or routine, these products achieve just that.


The Melanin-ology Empire Fast Straightener Brush is great for all hair types as it quickly smooths and straightens hair. Melanin-ology Empire customizes hair care tools, provides luxury hair extensions, vegan liquid lipsticks, and lifestyle products for people of all ages, genders, skin tones, and skin types. In addition, the portable on-the-go blenders are perfect for busy moms and working adults headed to the gym or work.


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